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The Beaujolais of the Baronnat firm. In a superb and traditional house, equipped with modern equipment, the establishments Baronnat proposes you great quality wines. Beaujolais. Mâconnais or Côtes du Rhône. 
The lovers will recommand this production. In our opinion, it is one of the rare house which respect the taste and the characteristic of each vintage. 
Indeed, Jean Baronnat works in a traditional way and keep the nature of each wine which makes a stay in his wine and spirit store. So, he can satisfay  large clientele, the persons as weIl as the restaurateurs. It was necessary to speak about the production of the Beaujolais. 
Firstofall, their "Village", the great quality of the vintages of this label are required by the lovers of simple and agreeable wines. Red colour and a medium lenght in the mouth, they hale fruit y and discreet aromas. They are perfect, it is what we calI a good value. As far as Chiroubles is con- cerned, the Baronnat house know how to respect the character of this label. An aroma of great richness of very ripe fruits and a persistent aromatic heart, the "attaque" in the mouth is clear, the whole is very personalized, which appeal to you easily. At last, the Julienas, the restaurateurs who looks for original wines will be satisfy. Already "èvoluè" in the mouth, a strong colour, its good harmony is very appreciated. 
In any case, you will find only very gol)d productions in this house which makes a point of honour to satisfy aIl its clientele of day and tomorrow.
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